All our bowls are unique and can be basically classified into size (med and small) and colour (greenish and greyish).

As each bowl is unique, sizes will vary slightly however medium bowls are approximately 120mm Height and have a diameter of 200mm. Small bowls are approximately 80mm in height and 170mm in diameter

When you order a bowl to be reserved please put in any special requests/instructions and we will do our best to match your request. We will not swap size or colour unless you show in your instructions no preference.

All bowls are sealed inside and out and have a coating of a wax containing beeswax on the outside. This can be enhanced through the application of more polish.

Small Bowls

  • Delivery Options

    If shipping is required please contact me by phone on 0408742006 or using the contact page.

    Plants are only available for “click and collect”. When shipping is required plants are removed prior to shipping.

    Handling and shipping cost are normally between $15 - $20 dollars depending on location.