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Zen' Cement - Introduction

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Welcome to my blog which is all about Zen and Cement. Here you will find some history of my venture plus, and more importantly, information on exciting new products as they are produced. Visit regularly and please leave comments. I will get back to you!

A bit of background

When I started the studio and because of the nature of the Stick'nStones community with their emphasis on succulents and rescued plants, I concentrated on cement planters and bowls. However I soon realised that there was no way I could break-even, let alone make a profit from handmade planters and bowls.

I now have a product mix which much more orientated to Designer Planters and Lamps with some more 'high-end' bowls.

Cement is still the base component which gives all items a basic 'industrial look'. I then incorporate wood, metal and sometimes glass into the final design.

Design concepts

I am aspiring to a "Japandi" look which combines the agelessness of Japanese style with the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design.

With this change of direction we now have a range of:

  • Designer Planters

  • Designer Lamps (12v)

  • More refined bowls that can be used either as bowls or as medium sized planters.

  • Matching Planters and Lamps which make idea Desk Sets.

All items are still handmade and therefore unique. I have maintained our "recover, recycle and reuse" approach - hence Zen and Cement are a frequent customer of Reverse Garbage and other local recycling operations in Marrickville.

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